Friday, June 26, 2009


The beat goes on---and on.

There is very little activity of note around here. Since I am post surgery, but have to wait to get my stitches out, I am very limited in what I can and can't do.

I'm very bored.

I have read books and watched movies and talked to friends. And while I have greatly enjoyed all of those activities, I really miss having some level of freedom and independence.

I guess I like sitting around the house better when it is my CHOICE to do it. Right now, I feel like a lazy slug. Sigh.

The boys have been checking my volunteer blackberry bushes and we are getting some fruit off of them. The spring rains that we have had really helped out with that. We are putting the fruit in the freezer to work up later into jellies, jams, smoothies, whatever!

Today, I will venture out just a little bit. I will take DS11 for a haircut, a doctor's appt (asthma is flaring up again), and to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions. Can't wait! I get to go bye-bye.

Can you tell that I have been cooped up a little too long???

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