Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summertime, and the living's easy....

Imagine that line sung with a sultry, sexy voice that I don't have.

Well, not exactly easy, especially if you are me. My klutzy nature ensures that I am constantly on the brink of some minor (generally) disaster or another. At least it helps to bolster my prayer life when things are out of control.

We are back from our glorious, week long vacation at Jekyll Island. Sigh.

What a nice, calm place (filled with family and wonderful friends) to recuperate from my little surgery. Ahhh.

Except that I fell (hard) on my fanny the first day we arrived. On tile. Tile laid on top of cement. Can you say, "boom?" Can you say, "very bruised tailbone?"

I was trying to go into the narrow, tiny bathroom in the vacation house.

So, I am in a wheelchair and/or walker as need requires. My butt hurts. REALLY hurts. To the point that I no longer notice that my foot hurts. So, I begin to walk. I figure that what is the worst that can happen. A little bit doesn't hurt. Soon, I am walking (hobbling) more and more because sitting is painful and getting up from a seated position is an excruciating proposition. My family doesn't want me to lay in bed all day (and it is boring after a few hours, even with a good book).

Eventually, I am comfortable sitting in a car for a little while and can get out fo the house and go for a ride. I enjoy it a lot after being more or less trapped in the house. My mother refers to it as, "airing myself out." We laugh a lot at this statement.

So, the verdict is that vacation was nice and restful. Perhaps a little too restful for me, but my family had a wonderful time. However, I do hope that I never have to do forced rest on vacation again. My toes never touched sand and I couldn't get close enough to hear the sound of the waves on the beach. I really missed that part.

But, I did get to see my friend Karen and her beautiful family. We have been close since we were in the 7th grade. She lives in Tennessee and I am a Georgia girl, so this is our one chance to connect each year. I wouldn't miss it for the world and I am so glad that I didn't even if it was a really bizarre thing to go on a 5 hour drive to vacation 3 days after surgery!

My Dad did the cutest thing for me, though. He took his phone to the beach during a quiet moment and made a 30 second recording of the waves on the beach. I could even hear the ocean sounds. I love it.

So now we are home and I can walk as much as I need to (comfortably) but am stuck in this surgical shoe and bandages for another week until my stitches come out. Hubby cut a donut pillow that we purchased so that it has a notch in the rear so that I can sit without my tailbone touching anything solid.

Is summertime easy? Well, not this year, but it is certainly looking up right now for me.

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