Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Neuroma is Gone!!!

I am pleased as punch to report that the surgery went successfully. There were only a couple of minor snags in the whole process. It was tough getting the IV in place successfully, but the two nurses who worked on it were slow and deliberate (meaning that they didn't stick me over and over again and dig around) and eventually we found a vein that was agreeable. The other snag had to do with scheduling.

We were scheduled to arrive about 8:15 am and we arrived a bit early, at 8. They took me on back and I changed into my hospital gown, got my IV, signed the last of the consent forms, etc. Then hubby joined me. My orthopedist, Dr. Gary Stewart, came in to check with us and answer any questions about 9 am. He said that we were waiting for a surgical room to be ready and that we would be good to go in about 45 minutes.

Finally, the anesthesiologist came in about 9:50 and did a nerve block on my lower leg and gave me something to make me "a bit woozy" since we were about to go back. The woozy stuff worked, because I fell asleep. I woke up on my own about 11 am and we still hadn't been able to get into surgery. I was shocked.

Poor hubby, bless his heart, stood watch by my bedside the entire time, literally STANDING to watch over me. It had to be pretty boring for him. Hey, I fell asleep!

Finally, things happened really fast at a few minutes after 11 am. The nurse sent hubby to the waiting room, telling him that this type of surgery generally lasts a full hour. But, by noon, she told hubby to pull the car around because I was awake, lucid, and drinking a diet coke. Literally, she wheeled me to the rest room and out to the car. Easy breezy.

By evening, I needed my first pain pill. All seems to be going really well so far and I feel reasonably good. My parents brought dinner for all of us and several folks have called to either check on me or to let me know that they prayed for me. I am so grateful!

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