Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oooh! Aaaahh!

Yes, it's fireworks time again! For the third year in a row, we have had the good fortune to be invited by some wonderful friends of ours to the Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks display that is held by their church. The church is HUGE and in the middle of nowhere. But, it is so impressive that such a small area can support such a large congregation (I think they said 2000+).

The church is Rock Springs Congregational Methodist Church in Milner, GA. It's not too far away from us (we are in podunk also) and it's just a huge party on the grounds with bouncy rides for the kids, a climbing wall, several other things, a petting zoo, famous frisbee dogs, etc. For $3 you can get a hamburger/hotdog meal with lots of extras, plus they won't charge any family over $10 to eat regardless of the number of people. That's a really nice thing in this economy.

We ate before we left home because DS12 has a hard time in crowds and the food is in a very large fellowship hall, but it is so crowded that he panics. It's just easier to eat at home.

Due to my injuries, we had to take a kitchen chair for me to sit in with my modified donut pillow. Yep, I looked like a total dork, but it kept me from hurting very much. We also brought a cooler with some ice and a few drinks and water bottles.

It's always a great group there. People are friendly, even though the place is very crowded. There is no cussing, no trauma, no fighting. Excellent behavior abounds and it is so very nice. We enjoy visiting with our friends and DS12 does better in a crowd if it is a well behaved one (me, too!) and we are outside.

The fireworks display is always top notch! We were expecting rain and storms, but the rain held off and we had a lovely breeze and a fabulous view of the fireworks. The breeze pushed the pyrotechnics closer to us and we did have a bit of debris falling, which was a bit strange.

A good time was had by all--and since the display was tonight, we will still get to see the municipal display on the actual 4th of July!

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