Friday, May 30, 2008

Gas prices...


I had to pay $4 a gallon for gas today. I am usually pretty good about buying gas at one of 3 places nearby that tend to have better than average prices. Today, though, better than average for mid-grade gasoline was just over $4 a gallon! That really, really hurt.

My car is a 1996 Maxima that has been a workhorse for us. But, to keep from knocking, it really needs premium, but survives reasonably well on mid-grade. It seems like yesterday that everyone was freaking out when gas was fast approaching $2 a gallon. Boy, howdy!

I am working hard to minimize any trips, combine errands, etc. to save gas. We're backing out of DS11s therapy group for the summer to keep from driving over 1 hour each way. We're working on some therapy and play group time closer to home to save on driving.

My car gets around 30 mpg, so I am doing fairly well in that respect, but gas prices certainly hurt, especially in the summer when I'm not teaching. Add in bored and fussy kids and I will be working overtime to keep them occupied and happy close to home this summer.

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