Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Saga Continues

Last night, while dealing with some family issues, DS11 lost muscle control as I watched. He had complained periodically about "fizzing out" when he stood up suddenly or stretched enthusiastically. He described it as seeing "static" and odd stuff which blurred his vision momentarily. It sounded an awful lot like the medical condition of low blood pressure upon rising (which a friend of mine has). She has never needed medical attention for it, but her doctor knows about it. So, I took my cues from her.

This is different. Even DS11s facial muscles went limp. His hands, arms. legs, eyelids, and lips were flopping. We're going to the doctor as soon as they open. We have a regularly scheduled appointment with the ENT later today. I hope to get this sorted out, as it is a bit scary!

But, it does keep the crazy family stuff that can come up occasionally in perspective!

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