Monday, May 26, 2008

A surprise from the Youth Birding Competition

I forgot to blog this at the time, but about a week ago, a package was delivered by UPS for hubby. Inside it was a note from Tim Keyes, with the Georgia Youth Birding Competition. The note said that they had received more donations than they had anticipated this year and so he had a prize for each member of our team, the Chaotic Kestrels, as they were 3rd place statewide in their age range.

Both DS9 and his friend received a very nice pair of binoculars donated by Eagle Optics (which makes excellent optics and lenses) for them to use as they continue birding. These are easily on par with the pair that hubby uses as a Master Birder for Audubon Atlanta. The binoculars usually sell for significantly more than I am willing to pay for a child to use (hubby found DS9s at Radio Shack last year on sale for for $14 and they really pretty good). They are thrilled (of course) and are making plans to practice for next year's competition.

I am so thrilled that both boys are enjoying this. There is no better use for my tax money than this program which shows children about our wonderful natural resources and to be good stewards for future generations. All told, each boy received, a lovely ceremony and meal at the end of the event, a training day, a t-shirt, a book on Georgia birds, a chance to meet the author (DS9 has taken classes from him) to get the book autographed, and now some fancy-dancy binoculars. I am SO very impressed with this program and how it is shaping these children into the next generation of nature lovers, amazed by God's creation.

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