Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Okay, I personally think that Americans, as a rule, are too quick to turn any holiday into an excuse for a barbeque and kegger without bothering to remember the significance of the date. Isn't it kind of pathetic when a day to remember our fallen war heroes is confused with drunken revelry? Or worse, when we prefer the drunken revelry to remembering those who purchased our freedoms at such a high price.

I am lucky. My Dad served proudly in Viet Nam. He volunteered at 17 (with parental permission) while many in his generation, were trying to weasel out of being drafted. He served his country for 11 years in the U.S. Navy (Go Navy!). He is to this day, one of the most loyal, patriotic, God-fearing men that I have ever met. I am so blessed that he is still with us and is a wonderful grandfather to my boys.

But, there are so many whose fathers didn't get to come home. We must remember them, lest their sacrifices (and those of their wives, children, families, etc.) be totally in vain. Also, remembering those who have come back less than whole (physically and/or mentally) because their sacrifices are no less profound.

Plus, what about our brave military members who are currently serving in harms way? Do we send them a message that their sacrifices don't matter to us?

Yes, I would love it if they could all come home and we could have peace on Earth and all hold hands and sing songs. But, that ain't reality, folks. Americans used to be known as folks who were "in it to win it" and not weak willed folks who ran from sacrifice. We've fallen down a few notches in recent generations.

So, hug a veteran today. Hug a war widow today. Hug a kid who plans to enlist soon and NEVER, never forget that our freedoms come with a cost. As the saying goes, "only 2 people have ever offerred to die for you: Jesus Christ and the U.S. soldier (airman, seaman, etc.)."

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