Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on Georgia Youth Birding Competition

For those of you who know us, you'll recall that hubby and DS10 participate in the GYBC in the spring (this is the second year they have participated). DS10 and his best friend make up the team, "Chaotic Kestrels." DS11 has always been welcome to participate, but declines. They always have a blast and saw more birds this year than last year. Everyone comes home exhausted and happy, usually with a t-shirt and autographed birding book that is specific to Georgia (freebies from the contest). It's probably one of the best uses of my tax dollars in action that I have ever seen as it educates children, promotes conservation and responsible hunting practices, and keeps kids busy! Plus, future generations will benefit from what these kids have learned as they teach their kids and grandkids. It's one of very few governmental programs that I can simply find no down side to.

Well, the official rankings were announced yesterday afternoon and the Chaotic Kestrels earned 3d place in their division, state wide! Woo Hoo!!! They even identified 7 birds in addition to the number they found last year--all new species for them. I am so proud.

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