Wednesday, May 7, 2008

God's Will?

Today, while grateful that DS11 got a clean bill of health from the doctor after his episode last night. It does appear to be related to lowered pulse on rising, possibly due to the fact that he is so tall for his age and growing in big spurts. Everything else checked out okay: neurology, blood glucose, iron levels, etc. I am so grateful. But, I will still keep an eye on him. Plus, the doctor insists that he increase his water intake as that will help the blood to be easier to move around his big body.

When scary things happen, I know that the Bible teaches us not to worry. It's all in God's hands--and I do truly believe that. It's hard not to worry when I don't even know what God's plan is for all of this. I pray for wisdom and guidance and protection and for lots and lots of other things, people, etc. However, I wonder if God is trying to talk to me and I am just not picking up on it. Pretty silly, huh?

Case in point, issues in the extended family can be scary sometimes. Perhaps someone is showing bad judgment, has addiction or mental health issues. It's scary. It's certainly not fixable by any easy or quick human means. Prayers go up. But, I sometimes wonder if I am supposed to DO something. Sometimes, I know: a call, a card, a small gift, time together, an email, etc., but other times, I wonder, am I missing something. Maybe the "thing" that I am supposed to be doing is just patiently waiting--but would somebody please hurry up and tell me?????

When attitudes and situations get a little hairy, I start to wonder how things fit in God's plan. Of course, knowing that God has a plan is pretty significant in and of itsself. Maybe I am not supposed to know the plan. Maybe I couldn't wrap my little mind around the vastness of the plan, perfectly crafted by the God of the Universe? What do you think?

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