Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well, brother is finally home and resting comfortably, but terribly sore (as was to be expected). The girls are both okay and resting at their homes. One is in a fair amount more pain than the other, but both will be fine in a few days (thank God!).

Of course, I wonder how the drunk driver feels knowing the chaos and pain that he caused, but I realize that so many people are so possessed by alcohol that they won't feel anything. It's high time that society actually creates punishments for these kinds of offenses that will actually get these people off of the streets where they can't hurt anyone.

I do realize that we are richly blessed that none of these kids were seriously hurt. I can only imagine sitting at graduation knowing that my brother couldn't be there on stage with his class and that there were two girls that wouldn't be onstage to graduate in '09 and '10 respectively. It is painful to think about. Scary stuff.

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