Monday, May 26, 2008

A productive (if slow) weekend.

Long weekends are heavenly! It's going to be tough to go back into school for the last couple of days of wrapping up the end of the year.

Even though my knee is still sore and fussy, I have managed to hang several loads of clothes out into the sunshine. The breezes are soft and it has been nice to watch the butterflies flutter around my plants.

I tied up my climbing yellow rose to the side of the porch step railings. I want to train it up to the top and maybe put a piece of lattice to help it continue up higher. The blooms (this is the first year it has bloomed and the first one opened this morning) are softly scented and I can't wait until they are up at eye level and perfuming the air. This will help to block the view of the air conditioner, lawn mower, etc. from the doorway.

My butterfly bush is blooming profusely. It started out 2 years ago as a tiny, sad looking plant in a small pot. It is now huge and taking over it's corner of the yard. The blooms are vivid, dark purple and so striking! I brought 3 of them in and put them in a milky white vase on my kitchen island (where we eat most meals). They remind me of purple fireworks launching from the vase. It makes me smile.

Hubby and the boys planted my Mother's Day gifts now that we know where we wanted to put them. First was a soft pink rose that is right next to the driveway. I will see (and smell) it every time I open my car door. It's lovely and it draws attention away from the electrical meter. It's a very vigorous looking bush and is blooming already.

The second rose is a "knockout" variety that will bloom from spring to frost. These were bred to do well in our Southern climate with humidity, heat, and drought. It is in a deep red with crayon yellow centers. It's a simple blossom without a lot of petals. It went out at the end of our long driveway with the two we planted last year. They don't get lots of care, but we do enjoy seeing these roses when we pull into our driveway. One day, I hope to have enough to smother the embankment and have a huge mass of color to mark the end of the drive. On the other side of the driveway, we have a sign with our house number posted. Immediately behind it is an old English style of pink rose which will one day be covered with blooms to frame our house marker.

Finally, they planted coleus in a pot for me to place at the bottom of our flag pole. DS11 wanted the coleus so badly for me because of all of the shade around here. Our yard is a long, narrow swath in the front and the back of the house. We are hemmed in by wonderful woods and wildlife. But, I don't have much room for my veggies or flowering plants, so I wedge them in where I can!

Last night, Hubby took the boys fishing and today they are on a "guys only" outing. I have enjoyed the quiet time to piddle around my house and yard. I even got to sit down and read a little bit--a rare treat for me! Most of the year, I read primarily student works. Enjoyable, but not the same kind of reading that I would do purely for pleasure.

All in all, a good weekend.

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