Thursday, December 11, 2008

Attack of the mini kitty!

Many, many moons ago, hubby and I learned that cats love, love, love to climb in real Christmas trees. We ended up having to tie ours to the wall to keep the cat from knocking it over. That was the year we added tinkling bells to our tree to warn us what she was up to. So, we switched to an artificial tree that we will use until it absolutely falls apart. Our cats have never climbed the artificial trees.
Well, they didn't until now... Delilah, the micro-kitty, (full grown, but tiny) has decided that this cheap-o artificial tree just absolutely needs a feline ornament! During our tree set up, we had to repeatedly pull her out of the tree so we could decorate it.

Oh well, I guess it just isn't Christmas without a kitty vaulting into the tree!

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