Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Spirit of Giving

Each week, our school has chapel. It's a time to try and impress upon the students the need to praise and worship God. It's a good thing and it has had a positive impact on many of our students.

We have a parent volunteer (he is also a part-time pastor) who comes in and organizes and holds our chapel services for us. His name is Bubba and he does an awesome job and is very accessible to our kids. He starts each service off with a silly game to get folks revved up and then he relates the game to something that he wants the kids to think about. Then we have music, a speaker, etc.

Last week, he challenged our students to bring sock hats, gloves, and scarves for local people who have fallen on hard times and are forced to live in our area homeless shelter. I reminded students all week long (as I am sure that other teachers did). Today was the day we found out if the kids cared to participate. I brought in a bag from our family with gift bags, several hats and gloves. Apparently, many of the students were touched to participate and we had around 150 items donated. Since some kids forgot their items, we are continuing the drive until next Thursday, the last day before the break.

I am so glad that the kids are getting into the spirit of giving. It's the real meaning of Christmas. Plus, it's even better that they are doing something selfless. They won't see the faces of the people who receive these gifts (except for a couple of kids that will help to deliver them) and they won't get any undue attention for doing it. It's not for show. These kids are learning what real giving is all about. I'm proud that I work somewhere where we can teach these kids not just to help others, but to emulate Christ while they are doing it.

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