Thursday, December 11, 2008

Frugal Shoe Repair

Yep. Apparently, we have lost our minds at our house! This picture probably proves it. In my opinion, this is the best of our frugality lately.

DS12 scuffs his feet when he walks (part of the Aspie gait--drives hubby nuts, but that's another story) and he managed to wear out his shoes so that the heel rubber is loose and flaps and flops around. These are cheap-o shoes ($6) that we bought for him to go on a field trip where he would be mucking around in a swampy area. We had no idea that he would like these shoes and insist that they be made wearable again. The up side to that is that his really nice black tennies are staying really good looking for church, etc.

So, hubby breaks out the ever-present Shoe Goo and proceeds to apply it to the affected areas to repair the shoes. But, the heel rounds up a bit and we can't find a way to secure the rubber in place while the Goo dries. Finally, hubby sits the shoes on pieces of tin foil (so Goo won't get on floor) and places a stool leg in each shoe to hold the shoes in place, but the rubber sole at the heel wasn't really secure. So, hubby takes my dust pan, turns it over and wedges the toes of the shoes up on it, effectively rocking the shoes back on their heels, thus holding the rubber sole in place. It was frugal genius!

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