Monday, December 22, 2008

Keeping on...

Well, we have cleaned, steam cleaned, scrubbed, and dusted and slowly the school is starting to look like a happy place. My classroom is almost set, we have only a few things to take care of before it will be ship shape. I will go by and do some measuring today and then we'll go back after Christmas to finish up.

A professional painter will start on the hallways today. That will freshen things up quite a bit.

On the home front, I am nearly finished with the last afghan, I will complete the single crochet edging around the edge to give it some firmness to the shape later this evening. Then I can deliver those gifts.

The worst of the stuff that is left is that I really, truly need to scrub this house out again. It has suffered while I have been cleaning at school. Plus, when I get home, I am exhausted and sore, so all I really do is go straight to bed. But, the worst of it is over, so hopefully, I can make some progress on the home front before I go back!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be here, so, unless I trade off Christmas Eve to my mom and dad, I will be a very tired puppy come Friday morning!

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