Monday, December 8, 2008

The Packing Begins...

New beginnings always generate such excitement and our school's move to new digs is no different. We are all buzzing with energy and excitement to see inside our new building and get our room assignments.

Today, most of us teachers began the task of packing up our rooms in earnest. Of course, we are not taking anything that we will truly need before the break, but the vast majority of things that we use can be packed away for transport to their new homes.

I was amazed how quickly I am getting my room packed up with all of this excitement and energy. It's such a great vibe around the hallways. So, in very little time, I was able to get my room half way packed and still teach my classes. But, boy howdy, did my shoulders and arms ache when I stopped! Those boxes of textbooks are HEAVY! I didn't have to move them very far at all, but I did take them a few feet away in order to stack them neatly.

With any luck at all, I will finish up the packing tomorrow and then the bigger boys can carry the boxes down to storage until they are trucked over to the new building.

The hard part will be waiting through the final days before we can leave!

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