Monday, December 1, 2008

Bronchitis, PANDAS, and Neuromas, Oh My!

Who said that only good things come in threes? Certainly not anyone in our family. Since Thanksgiving Day, I have been diagnosed with bronchitis and a bacterial infection in addition to the neuroma crap that is a day to day aggravation.

DS12 has a flare up of PANDAS (strep antibodies attacking part of his brain) and is major, hyper-emotional right now. We're waiting for the doctor to call in heavy duty antibiotics to help lower his antibody levels. So, we're lots of fun lately.

Actually, the doctor gave me a different decongestant/cough medicine that is working really well. The only real problem is that it absolutely knocks me on my backside. I could sit around all day with crossed eyes, giggling at any and everything. Unfortunately, although my students would truly enjoy it, such behavior is frowned upon by high school teachers. Go figure.

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