Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Day, Another Drama

Good grief. Just when I thought I was free from drama because I was out on spring break, I discovered just how much drama I could (inadvertently) create in a day.

To begin, I overslept. Big time. Everything I touched became infinitely more difficult just because I touched it. You know, just a crazy day.

Then, I really did it. I put a potato in the microwave for DS12's lunch. I don't know if I hit the wrong button or what, but when the potato burst into flames, I figured it was not going well.

Then the plate exploded and the room filled with smoke. Correction, the entire house filled with smoke. The alarm went off, of course.

Thankfully, DS11, the asthmatic wonder was visiting the grandparents and wasn't here for the oxygen-depriving effects. It was just me and DS12 (the Aspie). He couldn't follow directions on how to help me because he was far too busy arguing with me about every aspect of how to handle the situation (like he would even know). Sigh.

Anyway, we aired out the house (and nearly froze in the process). I am in the process of getting the smoke stains cleared out of the microwave.

After all of this excitement, I went and took a nice, long nap because I figured that it just wasn't safe to try and do anything at all. God forbid that something worse could have happened.

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