Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby steps

I have borrowed hubby's computer tonight to try and catch up a bit on my email, blogging, grading for school, etc.  I really don't like it when I get so very behind on everything.  So, this is the beginning of a weekend of playing catch up!

Today, DS12 and I went and purchased two blueberry bushes that we will plant in our side yard tomorrow morning.  It is the beginning of our "orchard" (yes, we use that term VERY loosely).   Soon, we'd like to add some grapes or muscadines and blackberries.  You know, good stuff for jelly and syrup making.  The kids are excited about it and, honestly, so am I.  

Since I have scheduled surgery on my foot for June 3rd, I will be feeling much better soon after that.  I could use a good excuse to get out into the yard and the fresh air.

Besides, in this economy, any frugal fun we can have is a very good thing~!

We may even squeeze in a few herbs to go with our huge rosemary plant that we use so often.  It's baby steps.  But, we'll get some cheap food out of it and let it grow a bit every year.  Simplicity and a slow march toward being a bit more self sufficient is worth it--even with a bum foot!

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