Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh, the suspense!

Today is the day when all of the little Georgia birders compete in a 24 hour competition to see which team can see the most birds in Georgia.  It's the Georgia Youth Birding Competition and it is a wonderful use of our tax dollars in action.

Right now, the contestants and coaches are at Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center having a banquet and finding out who their winners are.  There is no cell service there.  Hubby can't even call me and tell me how it went.  He can receive a text, but can't send one out.

I do know that DS11 along with two of his friends (the Chaotic Kestrels) saw 63 distinct species at last check in today.  Last year, they only found 56, so that is good.

But, how did the other teams fare?  Was there a huge turn out?  Is the t-shirt design cute???  Inquiring Moms want to know!!! 

This patience thing is for the birds :-)

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