Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is here...

After our unseasonably cold snap over the last couple of days, it was reasonably warm today. We had lots of sunshine and breezes. It was nice.

But, as happens every year, spring time comes and this chick's thoughts turn to quilting!!! Yes, I know, it's not what you expected.

Hubby wants a blue bedroom. Personally, I love and adore the deep reds and light sages that I have in there currently. But, I will do it for him. I have already changed out the curtains and they have a decidedly farm house feel which I really like. But, now we need some fantastic bed covering.

Enter the quilt. I have selected the free pattern, "Wickedly Easy Quilts" from the website. Love that it's free. Love the name! Love the quilt. I will do a pale blue, yellow, and white version. You've just gotta love it.

So now I have to dig out from my horrid affectation for clutter around here! I can't even begin to quilt until I have cleared out the place a bit--especially to create a place that I can quilt in.

I just love working with textiles and putting them together in different ways. My very favorite quilts are scrappy looking numbers that use up lots of leftover materials. I have made a few of those myself and I so enjoy the "accidental" beauty that comes from all sorts of randomness.

I did dig though my stash, but could find very few pieces of fabric that would work with the color scheme I chose. So, I will have to find a great sale on fat quarters to fill in the gaps. I have an old sheet that may make a wonderful (and pretty) backing for it. I am so excited just thinking about it. I am going to make this as frugal as possible, of course, but I am sure that I will have to spend some money.

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