Saturday, January 16, 2010

Out of sorts....

Maybe it was returning back to work in a freezing cold building, but I figured that I was totally out of sorts when I didn't even want to look at my quilt project on Friday (my off day). That is so totally NOT like me!

I may work on it a bit tonight, but we will just have to see. I have had a headache and some muscle aches. I am truly hoping that it won't progress into anything major, but it can't have been good being cold all week.

Today, the plan is to get DS13's new bed and mattress. We are moving him up to a double bed since he is pushing 6 feet tall and outgrowing his twin bed. After that we need some fluorescent tubes for the closet light and some cabinet hinges where someone's horrid children pulled a cabinet door off the hinges. This was months ago and we still haven't found the right hinges to fix it--Ugh! It's like shades of my mother saying (with humor), "This is why we can't have nice things!"


mindji said...

Supreme Slider may be your answer to the friction underneath your quilt. I got mine from Leah Day (365 days of machine quilting patterns) and her service was super fast here to Canada and you're in the US (I think). I can't wait to see your quilt when it is finished!

Nice meeting you

mindji said...

By the way, my blog is

Jan Hatchett said...

Thanks! Leah Day was having a sale and I ordered one from her just a few days ago. I am just waiting (with baited breath) for it to arrive!

I'm so glad you stopped by Mindji!