Friday, January 22, 2010

It's time!!!

I have begun marking and basting my quilt sections. I am getting really excited now! I used a highly technical method for marking my top. I used my quilter's graphite (washable) marker and traced around a Valentine's Day cookie cutter. I plan on putting some sort of swirly or squiggly line between the heart motifs so I don't have to break my thread any more than necessary. If I can survive this final part in the process, I will be so pleased with myself!!!
My enthusiasm is actually Leah Day's fault. Leah's blog is fantastic and, besides looking like a dead ringer for one of my lovely and talented high school students, her videos and tutorials are inspiring and make, even me, feel potentially capable. Love that!
I am even going to attempt free motion with the hearts instead of relying totally on my fall back walking foot and straight lines. The only real deviation that I am making with Leah's method is that I am still working in sections that I will join together later as I don't have room (or haven't figured out where to put it) for a larger sewing station yet.
The quilting will likely begin tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

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mindji said...

I'm wishing you lots of luck! Go Girl Go! Quilt Girl Quilt!