Monday, January 18, 2010

A little mojo?

Well, I have completed piecing the first six horizontal rows of my Strawberry Pie quilt. I am piecing them in pairs so that they will be a manageable size to machine quilt.

I have 5 more rows to piece. Okay, the last one will be a set of 3, but at least there is only one that will be that wide.

I still have apprehensions about quilting it, but I guess I will just have to deny myself the opportunity to panic over it! Wow! Look at all of that bright, sunshine-y goodness!!!
It makes me smile to see the fabrics. It's definitely a wild, girly thing! But, alas, it is almost midnight and I must go to bed. It's term paper season and I definitely need to get some sleep before I resume that!


Greyhaven Pines said...

This quilt is truly a work of art. It will be cherished for years.


Michelle said...

Hey Jan! I love your Strawberry Pie! Wow, great colors!

By the way, I don't know if you want it to be set up that way but I tried to email you back after you left me that nice comment about my Valentine's quilt...but you are a non-reply blogger.