Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sick Kiddos and a Piece of Strawberry Pie

Maybe I should say Strawberry Pie is pieced! Yahoo! All of my sections are together and the next stage is the basting and quilting. I am hoping that by this weekend that will be underway.

I had ordered a Super Slider, Machingers, and Bobbin Washers from Leah Day's online store. You can check out her blog (and link to her shop) at She was having a sale with no shipping charges, so I decided to try and do something to help out my old beast of a sewing machine until I can afford to purchase the machine of my dreams. The store was easy to navigate and the items I ordered shipped out immediately. I received everything today! I would definitely order from Leah again. I love that I can even email Leah with questions. You simply must check out her quilting work--it is phenomenal!

I can't wait to try my goodies out and practice a bit to see if I can get this top completely machine quilted. How exciting!!! I will try and begin working on some practice blocks tomorrow evening and Friday. If all goes well, I am off to the races!!! How exciting!

My mom called this evening to tell me that she was able to get the last of the ill-fated quilting stitches finally picked out of Murphy's Quilt. We had both worked on that one. Yuck! But, now, we can tie it, bind it, and move on with life! I'll be very glad to put that monster behind me.

I had sick, feverish kiddos today and I kept them home from school and stayed up with them. Went to the pediatrician (got the one I didn't like) and was told that my oldest was sick and would likely have a sinus infection, so to call back in a few days if he got worse. I explained that he had already had to have sinus surgery and asked for a strong decongestant. I was told to call back in a few days. I guess they want more of my money? With a strong decongestant, there would be nothing left in his sinuses in a few days! What about his fever? I don't run to the doctor for every little thing and I truly think that with a better decongestant, there would be no reason to take antibiotics (which are best avoided if not needed) in a few days.

But, on the best note of all, hubby is home from his business trip to Virginia. Life is always better when he is home. I miss him (and don't sleep terribly well) lots when he is away.

Some days are like that! Up and down, all over the place.


Shayne said...

世間唯一永恆的,就是改變 ....................................................

mindji said...

Leah sure is a neat quilting lady! I love her stuff and when I ordered, my goods arrived within' a few days and that is to Canada! You will notice a difference with the slider, the quilt moves without any catch! I have to bobbin things too but can't tell if they are working because I haven't used them much and I am so not a good machine quilter! I'll come back to check out how you did with your Strawberry pie!