Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Almost Silver Thimble Time...

I am so excited about my first Silver Thimble Club Meeting! I can't wait to get my new kit and get to sewing. The pattern is Strawberry Pie by the Silver Thimble Quilt Company/Pat Wys. The fabrics are so cute and I will likely be preparing to do this as a quilt as you go project. Right now, I don't think that anyone could talk me into attempting another bed size quilt with my sewing machine!

But, it should be really easy to divide it into sections. I will need to get a batting and some backing fabrics. I love that I can use different fabrics on the back. That will definitely make it more interesting. I really enjoy getting a surprise when I look at the back of a quilt and find something different and fun!

Anyway, since I haven't gone to one of these before and I have only taken one or two classes where I had to take my sewing machine anywhere, I am anxious to see how it will go. Can't wait to get "The Behemoth" behind me and start on a new and (hopefully) lower stress project!

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