Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, I have basted a bed sized quilt that I started last year. It began as a quick quilt that I kept adding borders to until it was large enough to cover our double bed. I am using minkee for the backing and can't wait to see how it stitches up. I am likely to wrap the minkee around to the top. At least that is the plan.

When I was a kid, I slept under my Granny's old polyester quilt(rough, unbreathable, double-knit stuff) that had a soft, flannel backing that wrapped onto the front of the quilt. It was tied, made totally for durability and quickness to get it on the bed. But, I have memories of rolling down that edge to make sure that only flannel touched my chin and neck. Special stuff, memories.

I have never basted a whole quilt out flat before. I usually use my Mom's ping pong table and spray baste the fool out of them. But, today, my parents were gone taking my brother to get his stitches and staples out from his accident. I have a key, but it was too cold to get out if there was any other alternative.

So, down came the Christmas decorations (I know, Southerners usually take them down earlier--so sue me) to make room. I vacuumed and laid out my backing, batting, and quilt top. I pinned to the carpet. I can't get on my knees for long, so I crouched, leaning over, giving myself one heckuva case of heart burn. I continued this until I had to put heat on my back and Tums in my tummy.

So, I took a risk. I got down on the floor and laid across the quilt while I worked. I was afraid it would wrinkle things, but I could smooth as I went and it seemed to go okay. My knees didn't hurt and my back didn't get sore (which is miraculous since it has been rather hinky lately). I got it pinned and trimmed. There doesn't appear to be any wrinkles in the backing, so I feel pretty good about it.

Now, I am thinking about how I will quilt it. Since it is more modern looking fabrics than I usually use, I am thinking of getting various widths of painters tape (rather than my ol' 1 inch standby) and randomly doing diagonal lines in both directions, a contrast to the blockiness and consistency of the "Take 5" pattern.

I will likely start stitching tonight. Can't wait to see how this one turns out. I am kind of scared to mess it up, but excited nonetheless.

I'll keep you posted.

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