Monday, October 20, 2008

Cortisone--OH MY!

Well, went back to the orthopedist to check on the bum foot. Turns out that he agrees that it is a Morton's neuroma and nothing is broken. Unfortunately, he said that the neuroma is on the large side and is less likely to respond to non-invasive methods because of the size.

So, I got to receive a lovely cortisone shot through the top of my foot! AAAAAAGH! That sucker HURT. In fact, that was hours ago and it still is tender. But, I do hope it works, otherwise, I am definitely surgery bound.

The only good news is that the cortisone shot is only good for one round and then if it doesn't completely resolve the issue, you have surgery. At least, I'll never have to get the cortisone shot again!!!

The doctor then sent me back to the special shoe and orthotic store in Decatur (50 miles away from the doctor who is already 25-30 miles from my home) to replace orthotics and make sure that my shoe situation is still appropriate (some were, some weren't). By the way, the place is McMahon Shoes and they have phenomenal service! I highly, HIGHLY recommend them, but they are quite a haul away from here.

I did hate that I lost an entire day at school, but at least I got everything done in one day (including my fasting blood work for my regular doc).

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