Monday, October 20, 2008

Orthopedic shoes and crocheted socks

Why are most orthopedic shoes so stinkin' ugly???

I don't mean the entry level ones with a little extra depth and a low-ish heel. I mean the serious, extra wide, double depth, super supportive ones that those of us wear who have serious feet issues. Geesh! I never really liked the look of Birkenstocks (rather wear flip flops--another no no) but it appears that my options are limited to Birky look alikes and lace up, clunky, major motion control sneakers. Yay.

Yes, it looks like I will be wearing tennies with my lovely dressy ensembles! Or, loud, tacky socks with my clogs and Birky wanna be's.

Yes. Long skirts and tacky socks are the future in store for me.

I started crocheting a pair of socks for me. They are bubble gum pink with neon green and purple bits. I think that these colors will make me smile--even in ugly shoes...

It's a start.

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