Monday, October 6, 2008

Windfall pears

The pear trees at my parent's home are heavy laden with good, firm pears. I had the boys pick some for me and I will pick more for a colleague at work who understands the frugal thrill of receiving a gift of fresh pears. My mom has decided that she and dad are not "pear people." Well, shoot, I am a pear person and a free food person to boot! Hehehe!

I have misplaced my recipe for cranberry-pear conserve. It is exceptionally good and I would like to make some this year. I will definitely make pear jam and some pear butter with cinnamon and cloves. Yum! If I have the time, I could get some apples and process some lovely apple-pear pie filling for various treats through the winter. Hmmm.

In past years, I used to can lots of goodies and give them away at Christmastime as gifts. I would take cute little baskets and fill them full, sometimes adding hubby's stollen or some homemade candies. They made nice gifts. But, alas, I am not exchanging with many people this year and my Dad is diabetic and I am seriously overweight, so I don't need too much of this kind of stuff hanging around. But, they might make lovely teacher gifts.

I am open to suggestions for pear recipes. I need to recover from this cold and get the kitchen clean so I can get to canning!

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