Monday, October 6, 2008

Rental house

Well, just about the time I think we have a good, solid, reliable renter in the house for any length of time, it inevitably happens. They leave with little or no notice and want the deposit back with no questions asked.

Here we go again. We wouldn't have known that this renter was leaving, except that the new landlord called for a reference. So we have less than a week's notice to go in, clean and inspect and try to rent it out quickly in a crappy economy. Oh joy! The best part is that this renter was getting a divorce and wanted a new lease written with just her name and not her ex's name. We hadn't connected with her to get it signed, and now we know why making that connection wasn't a priority.

We never wanted rental property, but we just can't sell this little house. It's adorable, in a quiet location, well built and on an acre of property (with fenced in back yard). It's just so very small and a little off of the beaten path. Everyone wants to live "in town" apparently. I never wanted to, but...

Well, happy birthday to me (in 2 days). I guess I will be cleaning out the rental.

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