Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pear Butter

Amid all of the turmoil of the last week, I have managed to put up about 9.5 half pints of pear butter. Yum! There are more pears available at my parent's house, but I need to see if I need more jars, etc. I will likely run into the hardware store and price some, but there may be a few still at my parent's house.

Before kids, I used to can loads of stuff to give away at Christmas, etc. Loved it. Some of this lovely stuff may be destined for gift giving. It's lovely, dark, and rich. Mmmm. Maybe I can get some apples and do some apple butter. What a cute duo in a basket!

The worst part of the process is that I realized that my Ball Blue Book (with all of my tried and true canning recipes in it--even my handwritten ones) must have been misplaced when we moved. I am still trying to track down one recipe in particular: Cranberry-Pear Conserve.

If I find it, or can recreate it, I will share it here (mostly so I can find it again). But it really is the best stuff. If I can get my camera to work, I will post some pics of my lovely jars of sugary goodness!

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