Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Memory of Shane Hackbart

Today, we had the unfortunate task to attend the funeral of a 14 year old child that I have known at our school for the last 2 years or so. Even though he had moved to the local high school this year, the loss has affected our staff and students profoundly.

The service was a fitting tribute for a quirky kid with a bigger than life smile and the best curly ringlets that you have ever seen! The chapel was packed to capacity (with enough huddled outside to fill it again at least twice). Clearly, this child had touched so many people of varying races and ages! There were loads of kids his age, yet also those far younger and older (including college students who returned home for the service). Add in loads of adults and let the cute stories and amusing anecdotes fly. Clearly, this child was dearly loved by more people than even his closest family suspected.

Hubby remembers being the designated male chaperone (an occupational hazard when married to a staff teacher and father to a middle school son) on a middle school field trip 2 years ago to the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island, GA. Shane and two other boys stayed up late teaching him to play 4 square. He remembers Shane laughing and trying to trip up his game. He says it's going to hurt to go back there again this year (in 2 weeks) and see that 4 square court.

As for me, I remember Shane playing soccer on the school team with DS12. Shane was an especially able athlete, but always kind to the autistic kid who struggled with every aspect of the game. DS12 was proud to call Shane his friend. I was proud too.

Mostly, I will remember Shane who never just walked down the halls of the school, his curls bobbing along with the ever-present bounce in his step. When he would see me (or anyone), he would grin from ear to ear and say, "hey!" He always looked me in the eye, even when I had to correct him on rare occasion.

We will miss him.

As for me

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