Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Step Forward...

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong?

Boy howdy! Did I ever have one of those days.

Since tomorrow is our renter's last day, I made arrangements to meet her this evening to pick up the final (pro-rated) rent payment. Guess who didn't show. Guess who also didn't call. Guess who didn't return hubby's message that we went to meet her and she wasn't there.

It would be different if we didn't need the money to make our monthly obligations. Heck, if we didn't need the money, we could let the church find some needy family and just let them live in it until they get back on their feet. But, no. Apparently, it's okay to lie about whether you will pay and ask for a pro-rated amount when you really owe for the whole month per the lease. It's okay to impact my grocery money for the month, just to avoid inconvenience.

Maybe I would feel differently if we hadn't worked with this renter when she changed jobs and let her make arrangements to catch up so that she wouldn't have to move. Maybe if she hadn't led us to believe that she'd like to purchase the house one day. Maybe if she didn't ask us to renew the lease with new papers that reflected her recent divorce, so that her ex couldn't enter the property. Those things did lead me to believe that she was in it for the long term or at least would show the same respect for us.

Speaking of respectful behavior. I didn't go into the house, but walked around the exterior. The front storm door was off of the hinges, without glass, and the frame propped in the back yard. When it was originally broken by the tenant, we were called and informed that they would replace it at their own expense. The lock off of our outbuilding had been cut and removed and everything gutted out of it, including some metal bed frames and tools, etc. I guess they sold it for scrap metal. I can't wait to see inside, because I wonder if she isn't already moved out and didn't tell us for fear of what we would say.

But, we know which apartment complex called for the reference. We may have to contact them to get an address to direct the appropriate charges to. I know I am angry, but it feels right now like another case of, "no good deed goes unpunished."

So, I came home to watch the Presidential debates and knit awhile to de-stress from today. Well, right when I have gotten my continental knit stitch down and been planning some more Christmas gifts, the cord on my interchangeable knitting needle broke and the whole thing unraveled. I can send it back for replacement under the guarantee, but it is just demoralizing to know that everything I have tried to accomplish today has come apart, literally.

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