Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Fall Break

After 9 weeks of studying (for the kids) and grading mounds of papers (for me), we have been granted a wonderful fall break for a week. It's lovely and I am going to enjoy every second of it!

We did a lovely outdoor photo shoot for the senior photos for one of my favorite students. We did the shoot at Sprewell Bluff State Park by a lovely river with a rocky shore. Hubby got loads of beautiful natural shots both in the woods and by (and in) the water. Lovely.

However, after walking all over the rocks and sandy areas, my left foot (the one that I have broken twice) is really hurting. Plus, I am battling the beginnings of a cold and am tired and achy and sniffle-y. So, I am taking it easy for the most part today. I have only to run the dishwasher and keep hanging clothes on the line to dry. Anything to save a $ on the power bills these days. Of course, the clothes smell absolutely lovely and they are less wrinkly as I learn better ways to hang things so that I minimize the mess that I make of things. I really don't like to iron, so I am trying to keep from having to!

It's still a little hit or miss to find gasoline around here, much less at a decent price. The pumps are still running very slowly. Hurricane season has really kicked us here, even though we are a good 4 hours from the shore!

My mom and dad are planning to leave on Wednesday morning (my birthday) and go to Orlando to see the baby brother. I think he is pleased that they are coming. If it weren't for the fact that we are really feeling the effects of the economic slowdown lately, I would love to pack up and go, too. But, alas.... At least I know that we will see him at Thanksgiving whether we go down or he comes up. I will just have to wait until then. I do miss the dufus, though :-)

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