Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Urgent Prayers Needed!

Please pray for a 10 year old boy, named CJ (I don't ever put kid's last names online). He is my DS10's best friend and the son of a colleague at school. He has had a tough time medically throughout his life. He is deaf and has a cochlear implant.

He has been hospitalized several times. Now, he has a heart condition (I forget the name of it, but it is 3 hyphenated names) where his heart doesn't want to beat properly due to extra tissue or nodules in a valve (at least that's what I understand of it). He has had a 5.5 hour heart surgery to correct this issue about 2 weeks ago. He was doing really fantastic and felt great (it was done like a catheterization, not where they have to cut open the chest). But, last night, the symptoms came back with a vengeance. They consulted their specialists and the Children's Hospital and it was determined that in a situation where 95 out of 100 kids have a favorable outcome, poor CJ was in those final 5 percent.

Now, he is looking at having the surgery performed again. Maybe it will work this time. Maybe it won't. But, this is terribly hard on the family, to say the least. CJ is wearing a full time heart monitor and having to take oodles of medicines to control his symptoms and he is now not supposed to run and play hard. Talk about hard on a 1o year old who loves to go-cart, play tag, and jump in the creek!

We love this kid and we ask that anyone who reads this take a moment and pray for this wonderful child and his family. Thank you so very much!

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